Sealed Units

Choosing a sealed unit manufacturer is a critical decision, can your current supplier offer you all this?

  • BS EN1279 Parts 2&3 certification ensuring your WER accreditation for all units including decorative options
  • High Performance soft coat energy saving low e glass
  • A choice of warm edge spacer bar types & colours
  • Argon or Krypton gas filled cavities
  • Taped edges for easy handling
  • Decorative glass from our range or to your designs
  • Encapsulation of traditional stains into triple glazed sealed units
  • Electronic ordering - no more faxes, get the sizes and products you order every time
  • Great lead times
  • Friendly & professional service
  • Daily deliveries
  • Technical advice
  • Financial stability - we’ve been in business since 1999

For quality kite-marked sealed units available fast call 0115 900 7100.

The Smashing Glass Company have BS EN1279 Parts 2 & 3 Kitemark certification.

BS EN1279 Parts 2 & 3 Kitemark certification